Of course, if you'd like to link to my comic, please do :) Here are some buttons for your linking pleasure.

And now, here's a list of links to comics that I have a tendency to frequent, in no particular order.

- This is the comic that really got me into the whole online comic genre. It has now been finished and Sandra's working on another comic which is...

- Done by the same person as above and is currently updating.

- A great comic by Kat Santoro. I highly recommend people check it out, especially to see Bing. A very nice fantasy-type comic with a neat story and great artwork.

- Another comic that I have found inspirational and often distracts me from work. :)

- The art work and story in this comic makes me drool. An amazingly well thought out world.

- If you don't read this or at least know of it, you have not been on the internet long enough. A very amusing and dynamic comic that has been ongoing for over five years. And I have read all the back strips, which consumed me for a good couple of months.

Megatokyo - Another "classic" web comic. A very fun manga/anime comic. I adore Largo. It's because of this comic that I'm 1337 (or not).

- This is the only "sprite" comic I read. It's wonderfully funny and uses the original (NES) Final Fantasy sprites. I think I enjoy it so much because that game was such a big part of my childhood and I enjoy thinking that the characters in the game were like the characters in the comic. I'm just twisted like that.

Many more to come! Remember to check back to see if I've added anymore of the wonderful comics I read.


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