Okay, I feel that I should make my intentions known and maybe explain some of what's going on.

I'm doing this comic because:
1. I'm insane (which explains a lot).
2. This is the first time that I've had a story that has a beginning, end, and the most important part, a middle. Most of my ideas only have a beginning and an end.
3. I want to draw more.
4. These characters will not leave me the heck alone. The thought of not doing this comic almost physically hurts. This may also go up into number 1.

Readers may notice that how I draw the characters and the backgrounds and the layout changes over time. This is because I'm evolving in my style. It may be that I'll eventually settle but one can never tell.

A little bookkeeping, so to speak, I just wanted to point out that even though Bob and Tom's actions in the first couple of strips seem... questionable, they're not gay (nor are they homophobic). It astounds me sometimes that I have such a love for yaoi and all things m/m and I did not create a comic about it and have characters that if I want them to behave, I threaten them with drawing them in slash situations. That usually shuts them up and also gives evidence for number 1.



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