Tom MacDonald
Tom is a vampire born in the late 1700s in Scotland. Most of his past remains a mystery to those who know him, and he's not looking to share. Despite his often harsh exterior, he does actually care but finds it hard to deal with people.
Bob does not know anything of who he was before the accident that changed him. He tries to remain positive even with his uncertainty. He has the ability to change shape and has been working on improving it.
Gillian Tomayo
Gillian was captured by D.I. and had her genes spliced with those of a fish. Bob valiantly rescued her from a research facility, and she's been living with Bob and Tom since. She's shy and timid and unsure about what's happened to her but she's trying to work on that with the help of Bob.
Vivian Chana
Viv is a blind albino woman who dabbles in the divination and other such things. She helps those she can and keeps trying to help those she can't. She also has a bit of a thing for Tom which makes him uncomfortable. Despite that, they do share a friendship.
Joe Smith
Joe owns the diner that many of the characters like to hang out at. Joe does not say much about himself although he probably does have a colorful past.
Sally Johnson
Not much has been said about Sally yet other than she's a doctor and does not like Tom at all due to his treatment of Viv. She means well in her concern which is not totally unfounded.

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