About the comic:
It all actually started in 1995 when I wrote a story that would be the foundation for Bob's character. Fast forward to 2002. I found the story again and started to flesh it out some. I created Tom at this point and everything started to move from that point. The comic was originally going to take place in more bars and clubs but as I started to develop Bob and Tom and make new characters, that was just kind of silly. I finally started the comic on Halloween, 2003. It is now about Bob and Tom dealing with their lives, each other, and the things and people that life throws at them. It's a bit of a dramady. Like life, there are funny moments but there are also sad times too. There is an end to the comic. Do expect it to get dark and it is on the mature side.

About the creator:
About me? Ugh. I would really point you in the direction of my livejournal for this. I suppose I could put a few facts up.
Name: Margaret Crosby
Age: 22 (let's see if I keep this updated)
Job: Not the comic. I'm working on becoming a high school biology teacher.
Height: 5'3"
Hair color: Brown with blonde streaks in the front.
Eye color: Hazel. More like green-ish brown with little brown flecks.
Hobbies: The comic. I'm a self-described dork/geek/nerd/etc. I like anime, Warcraft of all types, Star Wars, Star Trek, and I just recently got into making costumes. So far I've done Leela from Futurama and an X-wing pilot. I also like having lofty goals :)
I may post a picture at some point. And if you've actually read all of this, you must be really bored. So feel free to send me a message if you're looking for something to do. I'm always looking to talk about the comic.


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